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About GB Split Bearings UK

We are helping revolutionise the split bearing – bringing a 125-year-old design into the 21st century.

British made and assembled, you can guarantee a high quality, highly efficient and long-lasting piece of equipment that will save you time and money through more efficient installations and simplified designs resulting in increased production.

Why fix something that isn’t broken right? Wrong. The evolved design and working of the new split bearings will increase load capacities, by incorporating radial and axial elements that work separately. By extending the operating envelope for high thrust load applications, this is the one and only bearing for the job.

The split bearing is incomparable to its competitors bringing an 70% increase to radial load and up to 1000% axial capacity increasement.

key features

  • The split bearing also includes a sturdy axial cage, triple labyrinth seals and an extension seal.
  • It will suit shafts from 30mm to 160mm, 1.1/4” to 6” in diameter.
  • Our in-house technical team are here to help with every query you may have. See our FAQ page.
  • Our product and service can reach worldwide, bringing the innovated split bearing straight to you – no matter where you are located.